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Divine Mercy in My soul

Check out what I got in the mail Monday:


The Dairy of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska and a scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

I am so blessed.

It was a pledge gift for Relevant Radio.

I was so surprised when I got it, I had totally forgotten about it.

I’ll share some of the book as I start reading it.

I wore the scapular yesterday and it was… weird.

I don’t know anything about wearing them and I don’t know if I will wear it all the time (I didn’t last night).

Anyone know any thing about them? Wear them?

Another surprise

I went out to my garden this afternoon and saw this among the weeds:

DSCF3177    DSCF3178

The grain is blown out on the bloom… but it’s beautiful.

That hay is on the next garden plot.

Here’s the rest of my garden:


It goes from milk jug (left) to milk jugs (right) and back to the grass on the far side.

I have five tomato plants:


One of which has two baby tomatoes growing in already. 🙂

There are four pepper plants:


Onions, radishes, leaf lettuce…

DSCF3176   DSCF3181   DSCF3182

I was so excited when I saw those radishes peaking out. Wow.

That middle photo is leaf lettuce mixed with weeds then a row behind of radishes. I’ll probably replant radishes this summer as those come in.



String beans:


And some herbs…

Like chocolate mint:


And catnip:


That catnip is growing outrageously. Wow it grows fast.

And look what I picked this afternoon:


A little baby onion! Wonderful.

So I bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store to celebrate.

Happy Wednesday. Here’s a fun video to make this post even longer!

God bless!


What I Read – May 2013


Plainsong by Kent Haruf

I read this for my first book club meeting tomorrow! I can’t wait for the meeting, but I can’t really say I loved this book.

It’s a quick, light read though if you’re looking for someting.

Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman

Still in progress on this one. It’s about two women journalists to circumnavigate the globe during a time when women wrote for the fashion pages.

It’s exciting to read about pioneer women journalists. I really like this historical writing.

Non-fiction and full of interesting facts about the time period.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I read this quick. It’s good. Twisty.

It kind of just… ends, at the end.

Do Life by Ben Davis

I may have listed this last month. My apologies if I did.

It doesn’t spark me like other books in this genre, but it’s a good story.

Wisconsin Garden Guide

Because you know, it’s that time.

I’m going to share photos from my garden sometime. Soon.

Next week.

A History of the Wife

I know I’ve mentioned this one before… I ended up not finishing it.

It was just a little too… liberal and anti-traditional roles. Not that I’m anti-new roles, but I’m not against traditional roles. If that makes sense.

Little to no serious blog posts or readings.

But I did write something!

More on that next week when the contest is due.

God bless.

Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. Arizona)

— 1 —

Last Friday, I was in Flagstaff, AZ, on the way to the Grand Canyon. I had never been before. It was like I expected.


Because of our timeline, we didn’t schedule hiking or anything down in the actual canyon. We will next time we go.



— 2 —

We did some hiking at Sunset Crater National Monument.

lenox trail
This was while it was still warm. The ash flow was so cool. I think this was my favorite part.



That’s me. Wearing my sneakers with a skirt. Yeah, I rocked that.



— 3 —

On Thursday, when we landed, we immediately went here:


MacAlipine’s. If you’re ever in Phoenix, I highly suggest this place. The food was great, and they can make all kinds of mil shakes and cream sodas.

— 4 —

The only hard part about coming back was being so t ired. I just didn’t sleep that much over the vacation.



— 5 —

San Diego was cool, too. Good food, for sure.
Most of my vacation was delicious food.

— 6 —

Now I’m home and my plan is to make delicious food here. Of course!

— 7 —

I also found out I got a garden plot through the community garden program. 10 square feet of dirt.
Mid-May I’ll be planting tomatoes and herbs and onions and carrots and everything!
I’m really over-excited about this because I’ve wanted a garden so long, but it’s been impossible with apartments.



I was that close to that mule deer. They’re big. Big big. Like I didn’t know deer were that big.

God bless.

For more (and better!) Quick Takes, find everyone else at Conversion Diary!

Rice bowls and the pope

CRS rice bowls

I don’t know if they do these everywhere, but I see them everywhere I go to Mass during Lent.
You know, those paper/cardboard… piggy banks, I guess you could call them. I picked up two this morning: one to keep at work, one to keep at home.

Because I’m sticking with my abstention from complaining. So far, I have contributed 5¢. It’s a start.

Snowy Road

I took this photo this weekend, the day after my birthday (I like to talk about my birthday).

The next day (Sunday), it rained like crazy and all the snowy woods are gone.

I’m so glad I stopped. It was one of those times where I didn’t really want to stop my car, didn’t really want to take the extra two minutes to get out of my car, adjust my lens, all of that. But look at what came out of it.

I find that I skip those little things a lot because I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time, it’s too far (not really, just out of the way). These little excuses make me miss taking photographs of beautiful things.

That road, that photo, so beautiful. Worth the 45 seconds. I swear.

Frozen over

This was that same day, out on the frozen lake. That is some man ice fishing. Or trying to.

Most liquids freeze from the  bottom up because the colder material is denser. Not so with water and ice. The frozen water is less dense and is at the top. If this didn’t happen that way, fish would not survive.

God planned that. How amazing.

I was going to say something about the pope.

But I really have nothing to add.

I love Pope Benedict  XVI, and I trust the College of Cardinals will choose another great leader for our faith.

I hope he’s in good health and that his faith isn’t wavering. God bless that man.

Lent so far

I know it’s only day 1, but I got up early and did a little personal prep time with the Lord.

I wrote down which Rosaries I’ll do on which days, which days I’ll go to a daily Mass, my Stations of the Cross schedule.

I am a compulsive scheduler like that, but now I know what I need to do and I’ll make time for it.

I went to Mass this morning. Beautiful.

The students were there, too.

Picked up the rice bowls and did a Rosary with the group. So far, so good. And it’ll stay that way, I hope.

How are your plans coming? What did you abstain from?

How’s the fast today?

God bless. Happy Lent.