Divine Mercy in My soul

Check out what I got in the mail Monday:


The Dairy of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska and a scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

I am so blessed.

It was a pledge gift for Relevant Radio.

I was so surprised when I got it, I had totally forgotten about it.

I’ll share some of the book as I start reading it.

I wore the scapular yesterday and it was… weird.

I don’t know anything about wearing them and I don’t know if I will wear it all the time (I didn’t last night).

Anyone know any thing about them? Wear them?

Another surprise

I went out to my garden this afternoon and saw this among the weeds:

DSCF3177    DSCF3178

The grain is blown out on the bloom… but it’s beautiful.

That hay is on the next garden plot.

Here’s the rest of my garden:


It goes from milk jug (left) to milk jugs (right) and back to the grass on the far side.

I have five tomato plants:


One of which has two baby tomatoes growing in already. 🙂

There are four pepper plants:


Onions, radishes, leaf lettuce…

DSCF3176   DSCF3181   DSCF3182

I was so excited when I saw those radishes peaking out. Wow.

That middle photo is leaf lettuce mixed with weeds then a row behind of radishes. I’ll probably replant radishes this summer as those come in.



String beans:


And some herbs…

Like chocolate mint:


And catnip:


That catnip is growing outrageously. Wow it grows fast.

And look what I picked this afternoon:


A little baby onion! Wonderful.

So I bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store to celebrate.

Happy Wednesday. Here’s a fun video to make this post even longer!

God bless!


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