Meet the writer:

I’m a 27-year-old Catholic, reporting at a weekly newspaper and trying to learning more about my faith in my free time.

My passions include Catholicism, going to Mass, Adoration and writing. (Though they often get pushed aside for things I need to do… like go to 7 a.m. policy meetings at an elementary school.)

I attend Mass as often as I can (always Sundays or the vigil). When I first started this blog, it was four times a week. That’s shrinking. I am working on this.

I studied religion in college. Enough so that I have a minor in it. Yet, I find myself not knowing enough about Catholicism to defend my faith when it’s up for discussion. I’ll share my reading list on this blog, which will include intensive study in Church history.

Meet this blog:

I like to learn things. I write about those things I learn.

I like to review old Church documents.

I like to talk about homilies and things that distract me during a Mass.

I like to wish for a Latin Mass closer to home.

I do all that and more on this blog.

There is some order to the chaos. If you haven’t noticed, I post a serious, topic based post on Wednesday (most Wednesdays). I post Seven Quick Takes Friday posts on… you guessed it, Fridays. I post a “5 ways” serial on every other Saturday. On the First Monday of each month, I like to take a look at the history of one of our Popes (started Sept. 2013 with Peter).

There once was some order to this blog. Now that I’m 27, I’m working on a new order. I’ll see if any comes out of this mess. I just know that I want to write about Catholic things.

I don’t post a lot of personal things (except quick takes), because I know there are other outlets for that. This isn’t a gossip site about my life. Far from it.

I will be posting more personal things, but I still want the main focus of this blog to be about Catholicism and faith.

I appreciate feedback in all forms. I hope that by building content, I build a solid readership base.

God bless!



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