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Since I missed last week’s Friday Quick Takes (and all the weeks prior for ages), I’m compiling my own list here, link up free.

I’m not trying to brag or anything… but you’re welcome.
Just kidding.
Here in Wisconsin it’s typical November weather… oops, I mean April. Right, it’s the same thing.
One day I’m running in shorts and a T-shirt, and the next I’m back to wearing my fleece tights to work (and bed, honestly).
On skirts.
I gave this a try a while ago, and I couldn’t do it.
But now, without any official announcement or decision, I am pants-free during the work week for three+ weeks. This is my the beginning of my fourth week.
I think I just did it, and kept doing it, and not having a goal to check in on actually helped. I just wore skirts. It was actually quite simple.
On the man.
We have both talked (repeatedly) about how to remain pure in our relationship. It’s… kind of… working.
OK, it’s not working as well as I want, but we have drawn some lines, and we haven’t crossed those lines, and we’re working on ways to avoid being close to those lines (meaning, we’re working on not putting our selves in a situation that would allow us to do things we don’t want to do).
We have been official (“I guess”) for a few days past three weeks, but it feels way longer. In a good way. And I’m glad I still feel this crazy attraction to him – I want to be with him and hold his hand as much as when we started dating (I know, it hasn’t been a long time at all), and I want to talk to him about everything in my life.
I’m still holding some things back, protecting my heart and working on trusting God with my future.
When I think about my past, I think about that story of the little girl whose father bought her the fake pearls. And she loves them so dearly that he buys her a real pair, but he doesn’t tell her that until he’s begged her to trust him with her fake set. I love that story. So beautiful.
And so true, it’s so hard to let go of something “OK” because… what if there isn’t anything better?
Oh, but there is. God is better.
On the 28 by 28.
May 3 is fishing (if it doesn’t rain).
May 10 is Latin Mass 1 of 10.
May 17 is the 10K.
June 20 is the hot air balloon ride.
So I’m slowly but surely getting there.
The man said he’d take dance classes with me. 🙂
On prayer.
In March, I started saying the St. Joseph novena, and I haven’t stopped. I love it.
I immediately roll out of bed in the morning and say it. I added the Guardian Angel prayer about a week ago. I love that, too.
At night, last week, I started saying the St. Michael the Archangel prayer before I go to bed. That’s great. I don’t have it memorized yet, but I’m working on it.
I also bought a little notebook to right my prayer intentions in and to take to Mass. It’s a cute little thing. I also stuff some of my saint cards in there.
How awesome was yesterday… 4 popes! Enough people have written about that. It was fantastic.
On money.
Lord, help me.
On charity.
Lord, help me.
On forgiveness.
Lord, help me.
God bless, y’all.

Vatican II: Nostra Aetate

If you missed the first part of this five-part series on documents from the Second Vatican Council, go here.

If you want to see all five parts, go here.

Nostra Aetate: The relation of the Church to non-Christian religions

Oct. 28, 1965

learn something

It seems like I’m picking the short documents to study first… out of laziness or lack of time, I’m not sure.

Key takeaway:

As the Church has always held and holds now, Christ underwent His passion and death freely, because of the sins of men and out of infinite love, in order that all may reach salvation. It is, therefore THE BURDEN OF THE CHURCH’S preaching to proclaim the cross of Christ as the sign of God’s all-embracing love and as the fountain from which every grace flows.”

(emphasis mine)

It’s OUR BURDEN to proclaim the cross as the sign of God’s ALL-embracing love.”

Just like Christ carried his cross (thank you Simon!), we must carry this burden with love, sharing Christ’s love which is for all regardless of what religion a person practices (or doesn’t).

Infinite love… I was reading the Bible today (surprise), and it crossed my mind that God’s steadfast love is mentioned A LOT in there. His steadfast love endures forever, his steadfast love endures forever.

I’ve heard that “don’t worry” is in the Bible 365 times, and well I wonder if that’s one of those feel-good made-up things, I wonder how many times God’s steadfast love is mentioned.

His infinite, steadfast love. The kind of love we can only know through Jesus.

Paul VI really touched my heart with this declaration.

“Men expect from the various religions answers to the UNSOLVED RIDDLES of the human condition … what is man? what is the meaning, the aim of our life? what is moral good, what is sin? whence suffering and what purpose does it serve? …”

I guess I don’t think of these questions as riddles. And I don’t think of our deep thoughts as humans as a “condition.”

I know some things can get lost in translation, but unsolved riddles?

Riddles are for kids… and yet, did Jesus not say that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children? They may not have the answers to these “riddles,” but they certainly ask all the questions.

We kind of quit doing that when we grow up. The electric and water bills have to be paid, so the big… riddles get pushed aside for life.

It’s also startling that Paul VI still calls them “unsolved.” Doesn’t the Church have the answers?

Well, we have hope. Our hope is necessary for our salvation.

I know not even the Church knows everything, though she has a pretty good idea.

This is another document (like the first part of this series), that people should just read.

It’s easy to read, but still very profound.

“The Church regards with esteem also the (Muslims). The adore the one God, living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and all-powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth …”

“God holds the Jews most dear for the sake of their Fathers; He does not repent of the gifts He makes or the calls He issues.”

It’s not a secret that the Church doesn’t have the best history with Muslims or Jews.

I think now, it’s getting better. When we really think about what Jesus asks us to do, love our neighbors, than it makes sense.

“This sacred synod urges all to forget the past and to work sincerely for mutual understanding and to preserve as well as to promote together for the benefit of all mankind social justice and moral welfare.”

One last thought (and I should mention that my thoughts don’t reflect the order of the declaration):

“Other religions found everywhere try to counter the restlessness of the human heart, each in its own manner, by proposing ‘ways,’ comprising teachings, rules of life and sacred rites. The Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions.”

God bless, always.

(I apologize… I am having so many issues editing the way spacing looks on my blog when the posts are published… I don’t know what to do.)

Snow and ice and everything nice

First of all… THIS:

Just, you know. Watch it.

It’s snowing. I got to work at 8:45 this morning. Not yet snowing. Just this… icey rain. It was pretty.

Left the office about… 12:30. Beautiful, huge, white fluffy snow falling all over and clinging to everything. It’s that heavy, white, wet snow. So fluffy and pack-y, and if I had a yard I’d be making a snow man. And snow angels. And throwing snow balls at my boyfriend and making bear tracks in the snow haha.

It’s that kind of awesome winter snow. I love it. And it keeps going. I cleared off 2 1/2 inches from my car at 2 p.m. And if I could see my car from my apartment, I’d tell you how much more is already piled on it. Awesome.

I hope you can tell how much I love snow and winter…


Tomorrow is my birthday. My full-on, no-longer in my “earlier 20s” birthday. 26. 26 years old. Tomorrow. Wow.

I’m making a cookie mousse thing. It’s coffee and chocolate flavored. How else could I celebrate. All homemade of course. I’ll post a photo tomorrow.

I’m bringing the pan to work to share with everyone. I don’t want to ruin the 13 lbs that I lost in my January Whole30. Nope.

So, happy birthday to me, and enjoy this other video.

I love snow, I love cats and I love my birthday.

God bless.