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Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. Where have you been?)

quick takes

— 1 —

Where have I been?
Oh right…
writing, reading, book club, baking, finding a new apartment (not finding a new apartment yet), running, finishing C25K, running a 5K, training for a 4-mile run in August, watching, growing, planting, weeding, on the lake… it’s been busy.

I’ve been doing summer like I’ve always wanted to do summer. I’m the tannest I’ve been since I was a kid because I’m spending so much time out side – weeding the garden, reading, working.
I like it. I like being outside. I like being in the garden, I like dirt under my nails.

It’s been great so far.
I have also been trying to get back into writing some fiction.
I was going to submit to a competition last month… and I didn’t. I just couldn’t get around to doing a final edit after I had my boss read it.

I’ve been busy in the good sense of the word.

— 2 —

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here, but I’ve started a tumblr blog for all my fitness/running/health stuff.
I am by no means a super-fit or healthy person. I have a huge sweet tooth and I love peanut butter M&Ms. It happens.
If you’re into twitter and not so important ramble, check me out at jaderuns.tumblr.com. Or don’t. I’ll be OK.
Mostly it’s just to keep me accountable.
I want to make sure I’m running and doing the things I want to do.

— 3 —

I’m moving at the end of the month… still haven’t found a place, but I’m set on leaving where I’m currently at.
This will keep me away from the blog for a while yet still.
I just don’t consider this my priority.
After the move, my budget priorities are a new bed then a new computer… but I might have to suck it up and get a (new used) car first.
so a computer may be way in the future.
I just don’t have a lot of time to write blog posts at work.

And really, I just want to write and research for my posts at home with good coffee. 🙂
Pajamas not vital but good.

— 4 —

In other news Pope John Paul II is becoming (is?) a saint! wooooohooo! too awesome.

— 5 —

maybe this is important, I have been at my current news writing job for a year and three days today (Friday).

— 6 —

This is less important, I am going to buy a swimsuit and go swimming in my lake soon.
This month. There. I said it, I’m accountable for that. It should happen.

— 7 —

Here’s a photo.


To be honest, I edited this photo… there was a guy on a jetski in the middle.

Have a great weekend!
God bless.

Make sure to check out everyone else’s posts at Conversion Diary! They actually post regularly, unlike me.

I just realized it’s a month to the day since I last posted. My apologies!


Steeple Chase

Lenten retreat

I think I mentioned this steeple chase last week… during the quick takes? Maybe.

Anyway, here are some shaky, unedited photos from some of the churches we went to. I hope I have them labeled correctly. It was kind of a whirlwind event.

St. Josephat. Oh look. My finger. Oops.


The beauty and the scale and the height… so much to take in. It was amazing. There were FOUR side altars! Four!!

And check out those stations of the Cross… in Latin!



Here’s another photo of the ceiling. See what I was trying to say before.


The detail and passion of the craftsmen are obvious in the work. Beautiful.




And a simple cross outside the main church. Still beautiful.


Oh, and this is a blessing from John Paul I. Yes, one. Awesome.


From the School Sisters of St. Francis’ St. Joseph Chapel:

Again with the wonderful open space.



SSFS chapel edit

Our priestly tour guide said he used to pray while watching this statue when he was in the seminary.


The Adoration altar.


The most important part, the center…


From the relics chapel:


Hundreds of relics… labeled in Latin. So beautiful.



Then we went to the Cathedral… and I took two dark photos. Sorry.

Then we went to the St. Joan of Arc chapel at Marquette. Beautiful and quiet and peaceful. And I didn’t take any pictures because we had the most wonderful Mass I’ve been to in a long time.

If you get the chance to do one of these… do it. Just do it. Or go around to the churches in one of your bigger cities. So wonderful.

God bless.

Rice bowls and the pope

CRS rice bowls

I don’t know if they do these everywhere, but I see them everywhere I go to Mass during Lent.
You know, those paper/cardboard… piggy banks, I guess you could call them. I picked up two this morning: one to keep at work, one to keep at home.

Because I’m sticking with my abstention from complaining. So far, I have contributed 5¢. It’s a start.

Snowy Road

I took this photo this weekend, the day after my birthday (I like to talk about my birthday).

The next day (Sunday), it rained like crazy and all the snowy woods are gone.

I’m so glad I stopped. It was one of those times where I didn’t really want to stop my car, didn’t really want to take the extra two minutes to get out of my car, adjust my lens, all of that. But look at what came out of it.

I find that I skip those little things a lot because I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time, it’s too far (not really, just out of the way). These little excuses make me miss taking photographs of beautiful things.

That road, that photo, so beautiful. Worth the 45 seconds. I swear.

Frozen over

This was that same day, out on the frozen lake. That is some man ice fishing. Or trying to.

Most liquids freeze from the  bottom up because the colder material is denser. Not so with water and ice. The frozen water is less dense and is at the top. If this didn’t happen that way, fish would not survive.

God planned that. How amazing.

I was going to say something about the pope.

But I really have nothing to add.

I love Pope Benedict  XVI, and I trust the College of Cardinals will choose another great leader for our faith.

I hope he’s in good health and that his faith isn’t wavering. God bless that man.

Lent so far

I know it’s only day 1, but I got up early and did a little personal prep time with the Lord.

I wrote down which Rosaries I’ll do on which days, which days I’ll go to a daily Mass, my Stations of the Cross schedule.

I am a compulsive scheduler like that, but now I know what I need to do and I’ll make time for it.

I went to Mass this morning. Beautiful.

The students were there, too.

Picked up the rice bowls and did a Rosary with the group. So far, so good. And it’ll stay that way, I hope.

How are your plans coming? What did you abstain from?

How’s the fast today?

God bless. Happy Lent.

What I’m reading

One thing I can’t quit doing

lately is reading. Seriously. I have a book in my hands nearly at all times. I wish I could stir bisque and read a book at the same time.

Here’s what I’m reading right now:

G.K. Chesteron – Orthodoxy

Scott Hahn – A Father who keeps His Promises

Christopher West – Theology of the Body for Beginners


Oh, and it wasn’t around for the photo but I’m also reading Philip Jenkins – The New Anti-Catholicism.

I haven’t started the TOB one yet. But I am reading the other three concurrently.

I did have notes about the Hahn book, but I don’t have them with me. But one thing I do remember is the connection between Noah’s sons offspring and the wars between Israel and other nations. Those other nations are descendents of Ham!

I don’t know why I had never connected that before. It’s startling to me, after studying Religion in school, that I didn’t know that. I should have taken a more in-depth “history of Israel” class or something. I did take an Old Testament class, but it was one semester and covered the whole thing.

So, Jews are decedents of Shem. Thus, Semite. Wow. My ignorance of this is overwhelming me.

Thank you Scott Hahn for your books. I’ve read others by him (The Lamb’s Supper, mainly) and love the way he writes.

So those books are counting toward my Year of Faith Goals.


40 Days for Life

Ended on Nov. 4. I made it without buying… coffee. I did buy hot chocolate twice. Once was on the 4th. Does that count?

The fact was, the point is, I thought about it constantly. This was a good thing for me to give up. I thought about the effects of abortion, the children killed, a lot.

You can read more about the program here, and see some of the effects here.


More photos

Don’t ask how I managed to create that. Haha.

This is what I was going for.

My coworker suggests a tripod. I agree.

With this, I thought I had a good shot looking at the LCD screen. Nope. At least you can visualize what’s going on here.

Sammy’s across the park square.

And this. Too shaky. Not enough light. It happens.


Did you create any Year of Faith Goals? How’s it  going?


God bless.

The Maniac

Orthodoxy chapter 2

“But a moment’s thought will show that if disease is beautiful, it is generally someone else’s disease.”

“It is the happy man who does useless things; the sick man is not strong enough to be idle.”

“The cross opens its arms to the four winds; it is a signpost for free travelers.”

It is amusing to nottice that many of the moderns, whether sceptics or mystics, have taken as their sign a certain eastern symbol of this ultimate nullity. When they wish to represent eternity, they represent it by a serpent with his tail in this mouth.”

Chesterton… at least my experience with him… and his writing… it’s one of those books that you have to slow down and read. And re-read a line a couple times. ust to make sure you’re fully grasping everything he’s trying to say. There’s just so much… so much good stuff, symbolism, education, awareness. And such great ways to explain our faith.

I feel like I could win some arguments if I study Chesterton enough.


I tried to take a picture. This was on the shutter speed setting/program… where the shutter speed I controlled and the aperture was auto controlled.

Let’s just say that shot… as white and pretty as it is… didn’t turn out.

This goal is a work in progress. For sure.

This one… better. You can at least see what’s going on there.

Which, are some flowers. And an electric guitar behind. I feel this picture could be very telling about my life if one really wanted to really think about it.

And this.

I’m just going to quit trying to explain what I was thinking when I took these.

The sky is bleached out… the colors are washed out…

But I’m trying.. ach. This week kind of got out of control (like every week), seriously.

So for next week! I’m going to keep my camera with me. It’ll give me more opportunity to experiment.

Which is better? The all white photo or the all black photo? I guess it’s not all black…

Black means not enough light. White means too much.

At least I know that. That’s something.

God bless.