The 28 by 28

I turned 27 on Feb. 8, 2014.

I created this list of 28 “things” I want to do before I turn 28 on Feb. 11, 2014.

Here’s to adventures! Cheers!

Links are to the posts I created about doing the “thing.”

  1. See the eagles fly (accomplished Feb. 22, 2014)
  2. Go zip lining
  3. Go stand up paddle boarding
  4. 10K run (scheduled May 17, 2014)
  5. Washington, D.C./March for Life (Jan. 2015)
  6. Carmelite retreat
  7. Catholic Youth Expeditions retreat
  8. 10 Latin Masses
  9. See an opera
  10. See a play
  11. Go camping
  12. Go fishing
  13. Attend a leadership seminar or conference
  14. Attend a Catholic women’s event
  15. Take a dance class
  16. Learn how to bake artisan breads
  17. Ride in a hot air balloon
  18. Go ice boating (Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015)
  19. Sew a dress, sew a skirt that I actually wear
  20. Refurbish the chair and foot stool
  21. Finish the knit circle rug (completely!)
  22. Knit mittens
  23. Pray outside an abortion clinic (accomplished March 9, 2014)
  24. Fast for 24 hours (accomplished 7 p.m. March 4 to 7 p.m. March 5, 2014)
  25. Visit the Apostle Islands
  26. Visit Washington Island
  27. Learn some basic auto maintenance – replace my own oil!
  28. Volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen

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  3. 9jaime

    You are inspiring me to make a 40 by 40 list for myself. I might keep it to myself. Maybe I will freak out less when I turn 40 next year? I love your list!

    • learningmass

      Yes! Please make a list!
      I don’t know you, but I know you have accomplished a lot in your life, and there is no reason to freak out about 40 (since the under 30 woman haha). The list just makes the year extra special and full of satisfaction.
      I made sure my list had plenty of “stretch” goals and other goals I have done before and know I can do again easily. The list isn’t something you should stress about.

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