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A reading list and no excuses

I haven’t been writing or posting.

I do have a few excuses that you might like…

For now, let me share some books I’m reading right now.


That’s really it right now.

Links go to my affiate shop on Amazon. If you want to buy  the books, go for it.

Also, I highly suggest buying The Jesuit Guide. It’s intense. And full. I got it at the library and will be buying a copy myself.

God bless.


What I Read: mid-October




Because I haven’t done this in a while.

Here’s what I’m reading right now. As we speak, The Collar is on my desk at work, actually.

So far, everything is SO GOOD.

The Food and Feasts is by some protestants, and I think they’re missing a lot of the symbolism of Catholicism in there, but it works. It’s very interesting anyway.

Peace! God Bless.

What I Read – May 2013


Plainsong by Kent Haruf

I read this for my first book club meeting tomorrow! I can’t wait for the meeting, but I can’t really say I loved this book.

It’s a quick, light read though if you’re looking for someting.

Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman

Still in progress on this one. It’s about two women journalists to circumnavigate the globe during a time when women wrote for the fashion pages.

It’s exciting to read about pioneer women journalists. I really like this historical writing.

Non-fiction and full of interesting facts about the time period.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I read this quick. It’s good. Twisty.

It kind of just… ends, at the end.

Do Life by Ben Davis

I may have listed this last month. My apologies if I did.

It doesn’t spark me like other books in this genre, but it’s a good story.

Wisconsin Garden Guide

Because you know, it’s that time.

I’m going to share photos from my garden sometime. Soon.

Next week.

A History of the Wife

I know I’ve mentioned this one before… I ended up not finishing it.

It was just a little too… liberal and anti-traditional roles. Not that I’m anti-new roles, but I’m not against traditional roles. If that makes sense.

Little to no serious blog posts or readings.

But I did write something!

More on that next week when the contest is due.

God bless.

What I read – April 2013

Reading list:

-Finished Lord of the Flies

-still reading History of the Wife

-still reading Heaven’s Song

-Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

-Why we are made to bear children

-a lot of gardening books

But my reading (and my writing) kind of fell off last month. I don’t have a good reason. I’ve been watching a lot of TV which I hope to quite now that it’s summer.

I’ll be weeding, reading and writing.

At least that’s the plan.

Part of my plan is to join the Daughters of Isabella. I had never even heard of them until I read Sunday’s bulletin.

It’s the women’s auxillary to the Knights of Columbus. It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

I bet most of the women I see at daily Mass are a part of it. I’m especially excited because I never made it to the ‘youth group,’ and it never excited me that much anyway.

I just miss my old parish’s youth minister and activities.

I also have so exciting it’s nerdy plans about my garden.

I was washing the food processer and I realized I’ll be growing everything I need to make pico de gaillo.

You know, the diced tomato, pepper and onion mix. Like a salsa only not liquidy.

Which reminded me that I can make salsa, too!

And I already thought about pickels. Maybe some steamed tomatoes.

What else?

Pestos with fresh herbs!

I also plan to share the extra food I grow with everyone at work. Everyone loves tomatoes and cucumbers, right?

God bless.

Also, I am not taking part in Jen’s quick takes this week because I don’t have anything nice to say… well, not something nice and important enough to warrant a blog post.

I’ll be back in it next week… I still haven’t shared my experience at a new church in San Diego!