Snow and ice and everything nice

First of all… THIS:

Just, you know. Watch it.

It’s snowing. I got to work at 8:45 this morning. Not yet snowing. Just this… icey rain. It was pretty.

Left the office about… 12:30. Beautiful, huge, white fluffy snow falling all over and clinging to everything. It’s that heavy, white, wet snow. So fluffy and pack-y, and if I had a yard I’d be making a snow man. And snow angels. And throwing snow balls at my boyfriend and making bear tracks in the snow haha.

It’s that kind of awesome winter snow. I love it. And it keeps going. I cleared off 2 1/2 inches from my car at 2 p.m. And if I could see my car from my apartment, I’d tell you how much more is already piled on it. Awesome.

I hope you can tell how much I love snow and winter…


Tomorrow is my birthday. My full-on, no-longer in my “earlier 20s” birthday. 26. 26 years old. Tomorrow. Wow.

I’m making a cookie mousse thing. It’s coffee and chocolate flavored. How else could I celebrate. All homemade of course. I’ll post a photo tomorrow.

I’m bringing the pan to work to share with everyone. I don’t want to ruin the 13 lbs that I lost in my January Whole30. Nope.

So, happy birthday to me, and enjoy this other video.

I love snow, I love cats and I love my birthday.

God bless.



  1. 8kidsandabusiness

    Happy 26th birthday. Coffee/chocolate cookie mouse thing sounds delicious! Enjoy your day in the snow. It’s snowing here too….all night as a matter of fact. I’m hoping tomorrow is a snow day….no school, no work…….just pyjamas and tea.

    • learningmass

      Yes! I hope you got your snow day! Sometimes we just need a day that completely ruins all chance of having plans so we can do things that are really important like realizing how great this world is. Tea and PJs sounds great. I’m already at work, but I’m up for that tomorrow. 🙂

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