Get into heaven.

(Isn’t this everyone’s goal?)

Share the faith, practice the faith, live the faith that Christ professed from the Cross.

Learn the faith, learn church history, learn church teachings.

Attend regular Mass and confession. Live in full communion with the church.

Bring my (future) spouse along with me.

Write and publish a novel.

Learn to write when I have no ideas.

Learn to write out fully the ideas that I have.

Learn to finish the written ideas that I’ve started.

Learn to love what I create because my writing is truly a gift from God.



Ireland, England, France, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Poland. Czech Republic. India. Russia. EVERYWHERE.

Already visited: Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington D.C., New York, Missouri, Nevada (for one night!), California (just the Mojave), Illinois, Minnesota, Upper Michigan (would love to go more), Indiana, Ohio. Ontario when I was a kid. (Oh, and I live in Wisconsin.)

OTHER (NON-CATEGORIZED) GOALS (accomplished are crossed out)

Become a journalist. July 9, 2012

Become an award-winning journalist. March 1, 2013

Win award for a specific piece of article.

Win an award for a piece of fictional work.

Become a staff writer for a daily.

Become a regular contributor to a website.

Become a regular contributor to a magazine.

Watch all Harry Potter movies (bonus if back to back).

Perform 5 unassisted pull ups.

Learn to foxtrot.

Learn to tango.

Learn to jitterbug.

Learn the Thriller Dance.

Get married.

“Have” some kids. (Have here in the… loose sense of the word. However God gives them to us.)

Be in a General Audience with the Holy Father.

Meet a current or past U.S. President.

Work for a political campaign. 2006, Dale Schultz, Mark Green

Work for a political campaign and get paid.

Work for an elected politician.

Convert news media professionals to become PC users. 🙂

Retire happy.

Pay off student loans. Early.

Learn to play chess.

Beat brother at chess.

Beat boyfriend at Trivial Pursuit.

(Steve Kamb at Nerd Fitness calls his list “My Epic Quest.”) (Can you tell how much I like this guy as a role model for goal setting and achieving by the number of links?)


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