What I Read – May 2013


Plainsong by Kent Haruf

I read this for my first book club meeting tomorrow! I can’t wait for the meeting, but I can’t really say I loved this book.

It’s a quick, light read though if you’re looking for someting.

Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman

Still in progress on this one. It’s about two women journalists to circumnavigate the globe during a time when women wrote for the fashion pages.

It’s exciting to read about pioneer women journalists. I really like this historical writing.

Non-fiction and full of interesting facts about the time period.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I read this quick. It’s good. Twisty.

It kind of just… ends, at the end.

Do Life by Ben Davis

I may have listed this last month. My apologies if I did.

It doesn’t spark me like other books in this genre, but it’s a good story.

Wisconsin Garden Guide

Because you know, it’s that time.

I’m going to share photos from my garden sometime. Soon.

Next week.

A History of the Wife

I know I’ve mentioned this one before… I ended up not finishing it.

It was just a little too… liberal and anti-traditional roles. Not that I’m anti-new roles, but I’m not against traditional roles. If that makes sense.

Little to no serious blog posts or readings.

But I did write something!

More on that next week when the contest is due.

God bless.


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