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Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. Calendars)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

 quick takes

— 1 —

If you didn’t miss me on Wednesday, then just skip to #2.
If you did miss me and my always-informative posts on all-things-Catholic, I’m so sorry!
Here’s my excuses (which, tangent, what is the difference between a reason and an excuse? A reason is something that the hurt/disappointed person approves of, that he thinks is a good/OK waste of your time)
First, I was late at work Monday night. What does Monday have to do with Wednesday’s post? It’s coming.
So, I got home late Monday. Ate some food and went to sleep.
Then… I woke up a little bit later than usual because I wanted to catch up. I was still on time for work and all that, I just didn’t get my scheduled run in… so I ran Tuesday night.
So instead of coming home from work Tuesday (which was late again, anyway) and writing up a brilliant post for y’all, I went for a run.
Then I took a shower and went to bed. So is my life.

— 2 —

In all fairness, I think I said I would have a serious Catholic post MOST Wednesdays.
And since I said that, I’ve been on top of things. It’s OK to go off the calendar once in a while, right?
Also, I have ALLLLLLLL day Saturday to work on next week’s article, and will be posting something during the time I’m writing as well.
You’re welcome, in advance.
— 3 —
All  the fake self-confidence aside, I really tried to fit in a post. Enough apologizing!
— 4 —
I’m taking today off of work. Because of all those REASONS above, I just need a break. Also I have an appointment.
I’ll probably be at Mass with a Friday, getting some coffee and then going to my appointment. I hope it’s one of those days that I get to write a lot, too.
Did you guys read Jen’s post about how she’s an inside-her-head person and needs time to write, jog with music or reading a good book. (Find it here.)
I felt like she could have been writing about me. Except, I need talk radio when I’m jogging so slow people walking their dogs could pass me if the wind blows in the wrong direction.
I’ve written a million times about how I need to write more, how I want to be an author, how I love to write… and yet, I consistently find myself looking at my new notebooks at the end of day without writing anything.
I have written in the notebooks, I just don’t do it as often as I want to… which is EVERY day. I want that to happen.
I have started using Evernote as a journal/diary of sorts this month.
I keep the page open and just have running thoughts on the page as the day goes on. I think I’ll like a record of that…. I should start making headers/titles or something. Some of the notes get kind of long.
— 5 —
Remember when driving used to be exciting? When you’d ask your parents if you could drive to the grocery store or the library or the doctor’s office?
Yeah. Remember when you just wanted a good, loud song on the radio and the windows down and you didn’t need your cell phone in your face?
I’m trying to get back to that… so much.
It seems like when I get into my car, there are 800 things I NEED my phone for. Did the check clear on my bank account? Did anyone like my most recent running update on Facebook? Those are dumb things.
So dumb.
I know, I know how seriously dangerous it is to drive and try to read a blog post on your phone. C’mon!
Recently, I’ve been putting my phone in my purse, which goes behind my seat when I get into the car. I can’t reach into the bag when I’m driving.
This helps.
When it’s on the charger though… it’s so close.
Does anyone else struggle with this or the seriousness of the issue just cut it for you?
— 6 —
I caught up on the Catechism reading! And I’m actually ahead of the Year of Faith emails!
Woot. I’m so happy. It was stressing me out more than I realized, which like I said in my 5 Ways post about it, that’s not the point.
Now, I just read ONE section when I go to bed and ONE when I get up in the morning…. but this rule is SUPER flexible. Like last night when I got home late. I didn’t read.
This morning, I had a few extra minutes so I read the section and then the in-brief. By section, I mean from one bolded headline to the next… are those called sections? Not whole chapters. Like it took me a few days to get through each commandment article. I wish I had my Catechism handy to look at it and see what they’re labeled. Basically, I read the same amount they send in the emails. I just read it in my copy of the book.
— 7 —
So we’ve been talking about budgeting a lot a work lately.
I don’t know how it originally came up, but a lot of us stress about it and talk.
My gym membership ended, so I have that “extra” (not really extra, but less that’s expensed, more that I can save or use for student loan debt). It was $29. Which is why I got that membership in the first place, but since I’ve stopped lifting weights and started running more and doing body weight exercises, I don’t need the gym.
I also got a military payment from Uncle Sam toward my student loans… amazing. That’s a huge relief too. So that cuts my student loan payment by 3/4 for the foreseeable future.
I anticipate another payment from them next year, so I hope those are paid off soon. 🙂 Yay.
But, budgeting… I am sort of using Dave Ramsey’s baby steps to be more financially steady.
First, I want to save $2,000 in my emergency fund. I’m over half way there.
Then I want to get at least $3,000 in my Roth IRA so I can make the investments more “risky.” Right now it’s super conservative and that’s just not right for me being so young. I’m a few months away from achieving that.
Then I want to start saving for a “new” car. New here meaning used.
My car was at the shop yesterday (2 days in a row, a repeat of two weeks ago) for a cylinder misfire. Awesome. $300 later….
I feel like I could elaborate more on my finances, but the gist of it is that I would like to buy some new professional clothes but can’t.

Have a great weekend!
God bless.

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Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. Where have you been?)

quick takes

— 1 —

Where have I been?
Oh right…
writing, reading, book club, baking, finding a new apartment (not finding a new apartment yet), running, finishing C25K, running a 5K, training for a 4-mile run in August, watching, growing, planting, weeding, on the lake… it’s been busy.

I’ve been doing summer like I’ve always wanted to do summer. I’m the tannest I’ve been since I was a kid because I’m spending so much time out side – weeding the garden, reading, working.
I like it. I like being outside. I like being in the garden, I like dirt under my nails.

It’s been great so far.
I have also been trying to get back into writing some fiction.
I was going to submit to a competition last month… and I didn’t. I just couldn’t get around to doing a final edit after I had my boss read it.

I’ve been busy in the good sense of the word.

— 2 —

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here, but I’ve started a tumblr blog for all my fitness/running/health stuff.
I am by no means a super-fit or healthy person. I have a huge sweet tooth and I love peanut butter M&Ms. It happens.
If you’re into twitter and not so important ramble, check me out at jaderuns.tumblr.com. Or don’t. I’ll be OK.
Mostly it’s just to keep me accountable.
I want to make sure I’m running and doing the things I want to do.

— 3 —

I’m moving at the end of the month… still haven’t found a place, but I’m set on leaving where I’m currently at.
This will keep me away from the blog for a while yet still.
I just don’t consider this my priority.
After the move, my budget priorities are a new bed then a new computer… but I might have to suck it up and get a (new used) car first.
so a computer may be way in the future.
I just don’t have a lot of time to write blog posts at work.

And really, I just want to write and research for my posts at home with good coffee. 🙂
Pajamas not vital but good.

— 4 —

In other news Pope John Paul II is becoming (is?) a saint! wooooohooo! too awesome.

— 5 —

maybe this is important, I have been at my current news writing job for a year and three days today (Friday).

— 6 —

This is less important, I am going to buy a swimsuit and go swimming in my lake soon.
This month. There. I said it, I’m accountable for that. It should happen.

— 7 —

Here’s a photo.


To be honest, I edited this photo… there was a guy on a jetski in the middle.

Have a great weekend!
God bless.

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I just realized it’s a month to the day since I last posted. My apologies!