Quick Takes Friday (on a personal note)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

1. I am growing increasingly unsure how to title this QTF posts. I mean, the numbers went a while ago, now I’m back blogging (for the time being), and is there really a good way to do it?
2. Speaking of being back, I just decided I needed to write more. I left because I wanted to find a part time job (in additional to my current full time job), and I wanted to spend my time on things that make money. I didn’t do that. I did move, and I’m still on the lookout for a part time job, but I’m not going to do something I hate. The only reason for the additional job is to pay down debt, and with only $4,050 or so left, I know I can make it in the three years before I turn 30. So I’m not going to stress.
3. I am going to stress about the HUGE pimple on my chin.
I’m clearly not a grown up yet. It’s one of those big and painful ones. And I’ve actually been really good about washing my face, but with the dry, dry, dry air all around, it’s becoming impossible to win this battle.
Part of it is what I’m eating through. I’m slowly cutting the sugar (again) from my diet. It’s slowly working.
I’ve also started running a novice 10K training program this week. I know this stress, emotional weight will come off. It’ll just take time, it’ll just take being healthy.
4. Next Friday I’m going to be in Prairie du Chien. Please don’t stalk me. I’ll be there for Eagle Appreciation Days!
I am so excited to see the bald eagles. They all flock there because the upper (more upper) Mississippi River freezes over, so they winter in Prairie du Chien. I anticipate it being beautiful and peaceful.
It was originally a planned weekend with my now ex-boyfriend. I’ll be alone instead, but I’m OK with that. I need to get used to being alone and still DOING THINGS. It would be really easy to just sit at home ALL THE TIME and not go anywhere, but I have so many places I want to go, things I want to see! I’m not going to let heartbreak (so painful) get in the way of my enjoyment of life.
(This doesn’t mean I am not completely upset about the break up and wish it hadn’t happened like that. But I have to move on. And I have to see the eagles because I’ve wanted to do this for years.)
5. I forget how long these quick takes posts can turn out… Here’s a photo to break up the copy.
Font Holy Theophany 2
This is an Orthodox priest blessing the waters of our nearby lake and then the congregation. It was for Holy Theophany, or the Baptism of the Lord as we Catholics call it. Theophany means the appearance of God. Remember how God says, this is my beloved son? Yeah, that was the appearance of God, Jesus was made apparent as God.
Anyway, I love this group of Orthodox and have written about them twice for my newspaper.
6. I moved earlier this month. I know. Again. If you were following along on twitter or in the real world, you would know that it was quite the experience. Driving my first U-Haul truck and all that. But I had a good time. My friends/coworkers came and helped me unload the truck. Then we ate tacos.
Since then I’ve been alone in my apartment with my cat, and it’s OK, but I feel the loneliness sometimes. I’m excited to buy a lamp so I can actually see in my living room, and then I want to start on my project to refurbish the chair I’ve been working on.
7. Prayers… for my discernment, please. I have been going to daily Mass this week… while I started on Tuesday morning, went Wednesday, missed the communion service on Thursday and went today… I love it. I love it. So much.
I could be at MASS, all day long. I would like the priest to be a little more conservative and serious when he celebrates the Mass… but I’ll live.
I’d like to join a Parish group soon… actually, I need to un-join my old Parish, and join this one, now that I’ve moved.
Prayers also for one of my coworkers who is (with his wife) trying to get pregnant. Prayers for my family, prayers for expecting mothers, prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions.
God bless!
Sorry for not using the template Jen created. I don’t know what I was thinking.
Please check out Conversion Diary for all of everything versions of QTF.


  1. Kathleen

    I always think it’s fascinating to see the variety of rites in our Church. I’m all sympathy about the adjustment to being alone. I remember life feeling unsettled and incomplete after breaking up with my college boyfriend. It took a few months and then one evening I was walking home from the practice rooms and I thought, “Hey, you know what? I like being single!” I met my husband a week later. God’s little joke. Or maybe just that I was finally ready.

    • learningmass

      What a great story! Everyone keeps saying “you’ll find someone when you aren’t looking.” Except I’m constantly looking right now. It’s so strange to be single, at least now. I have to get used to it again.

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