Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. October)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

quick takes

— 1 —

Man. 40 Days for Life is in full swing… I haven’t ran with music and it killed me.

I’ve just been watching Live Action undercover videos and it’s so sad.

There are just so many people in the world that don’t care… about others, about morals, about God, about the world. I don’t even know.

This makes me so sad. I can’t even explain how I feel.

I just want to go up to some of the counselors I see on these videos and shake them… HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THAT’S A BABY?!

But I know it doesn’t work that way.

— 2 —

Tomorrow is a 5K.

Yay. Something I’ve been looking forward to for weeks.

I haven’t done one since July, and since then I’ve completed an 8-week run for fat loss training program with Run Keeper.

I loved the program. It actually finished today.

I’m taking a week off of following a training plan and then I start 10K training. That’s actually really exciting.

For tomorrow’s run, I hope to be in around 32 minutes. In July, I was in around 35 minutes.

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it’s realistic for me.

I ran 5.72 in 65 minutes last Saturday… that was about 11 min/mile during the 60-minutes of running. I hope to do a little faster than that tomorrow. We’ll see.

— 3 —

I feel like this is the first year in my WHOLE life (I know, I’m only 26) that I’m really enjoying all the seasons.

I used to always be a winter person. I still love winter, but this summer, I really really loved it. I loved wearing skirts and sandals and having the wind in my hair.

I loved my skin (most of the time) and I loved my tan. I loved being in the garden.

So far, this fall has been fantastic.

The weather is perfect for running, and the sun still warms up my apartment.

I love transitioning into wearing khakis and dress pants and just sometimes skirts. (I am still thinking about a year of skirts…)

I love the leaves and the crisp air in the morning. I love the chilly nights.

This world really is beautiful!

— 4 —

I totally slacked on the blog last week. I apologize.

Things just have been happening.

Like on Sunday, my boyfriend and I walked to the coffee shop in town and got coffee (duh) and spent some time talking and then we went to Walgreens and then we walked some more.

It was just a nice thing to do.

We really didn’t have a plan or agenda. We just walked, had coffee, talked.

I love Sundays for that and so much more.

— 5 —

Next Saturday (Oct. 26) my church is finally hosting a young adult coffee hour.

It took me a while to figure out that most people weren’t going to call me back or email me back from the contacts I got from the parish adult/family minister.

I’m really excited about the coffee hour and I hope I meet some great people.

I miss having Catholic friends!

— 6 —

Do you ever wish you worked at a bookstore or a library?

I totally wish that ALL THE TIME. Not all the time, but a lot. When I’m not loving my job (which actually is all the time).

I finally got a library card in my new town and got five books… jeez.

I read one in the first day.

I guess I missed reading books.

Anyone read The Collar?

— 7 —

Oh, everyone… please just pray for everyone.

For peace, peace everywhere. For all those praying outside abortion clinics during these 40 days.

Just, everyone. For babies, for moms, for dads, for kids. Just, everyone.


Have a great weekend!

God bless.

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