5 ways to feel better right now

Lately, maybe since my day off, I have just been really happy.

I can’t really limit it down to one change that I’ve made because I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life the last few weeks.

Here is what I think are the major contributors to my current high happiness levels:


1. Do something for someone else.

The key here is to do it without expecting anything back.

If you can give a gift to someone who needs it without them knowing it’s you, do it.

I recently had an opportunity to give something to someone I don’t know. I struggled with it a little bit, but I eventually did it.

I feel great! I don’t want to get into specifics about it, but I think you can do things like that, too.

Ask your neighbor if he needs someone to walk his dog tonight.

Go above and beyond for this.

Clean out your friend’s car.

Pick up your roommates socks that are in the living room.

Just do something that you wouldn’t normally do, and don’t mention it.


2. Move your body.

Go for a long, slow walk around your community.

Do some push ups.

Touch your toes.

Run up and down the stairs.

Do a few jumping jacks.

This doesn’t have to be for 15 minutes or even 10 minutes or even five minutes. Even if you just stand up and stretch your arms over your head and sit down again.

Do it. You’ll feel better.


3. Do something special for yourself.

But don’t be selfish about it.

Don’t not do something that you’re supposed to do to give yourself time for this.

Just wake up two minutes early and make a cup of coffee the way you like it. Sip a few drinks on your porch and listen to the wind rustle fall leaves.

That’s enough. If it’s something you don’t normally do, do it today. Do it in the morning. Do it after you put your kid to bed.

Don’t just sit in front of the TV. Well, you can. If you don’t normally do that.

Sometimes I think I’m relaxing in front of the TV, and really, I’m not. Instead, do a lap around the couch first and pick up your cat’s toys. Then sit down.


4. Be productive.

Don’t be busy. Straightening the dishes into stacks instead of just washing the dishes is busy work… not productivity.

Just wash them. Even if you just wash half of them, at least you did something. You’ll feel better, and there will be less work later.

Do a project from start to finish. Not enough time to clean the entire bathroom? OK, just clean the litter box then take out the garbage bag. You’ll feel better, and that’s the whole point.

If you can’t be productive, take a nap. If you’re tired, you’re not going to have energy for anything. Just take a nap.


5. Call your mom.

Do you ever feel worse after you call your mom? I guess, maybe, depending on the relationship that could be that case…

In that situation, then call a good friend that brings you up.

Just talking for a few minutes (or an hour like happens with my mom) will cheer you up.

It’ll give you energy and let you refocus.

Don’t call someone who brings you down. Whose is upset with you or will complain about something ridiculous.

Just call someone who is happy already.

And don’t bring her (or him) down with you!


God bless.


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  1. Angelina Costenaro

    Stopping by from the Catholic Bloggers network!

    One of my favorite ways to feel better is to go for a good run or walk, but I also love your first suggestion. Lately, I’ve gotten into volunteering at a place near me that packages food for the poorest of poor children in other countries. I’m pretty sure it would make Pope Francis smile. 🙂

    • learningmass

      Angelina – I’m so glad you found my blog! Welcome! I’m so glad you’re volunteering. Does the work make you happy? It sounds like a great project. I bet you’re meeting a ton of great people, too.
      Pope Francis is ALL about doing those kinds of things, loving everyone. And it does make a person happier, when we realize we don’t need everything. just a few things.

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