5 ways to dress modestly

I could easily write a 5 ways post on how I think women and girls shouldn’t dress.

That’s so easy. And it’s been done.

This post is not about that.

We can always call others out.

Here’s how I try dress modestly.

Believe me, it doesn’t always work.

1. I wear scarves.

There are so many cute yet low cut shirts. Ugh.

It drives me crazy. If I find a shirt that I really love but it’s low cut, I buy it with intentions of wearing it with a scarf. I typically wear a tank top underneath, too.

2. I wear clothes that fit well but aren’t tight.

Spandex? Nope.

Bootcut khakis? You bet.

Shirts are a big issue for me because I have a larger chest than the average chest size for my size.

So, blouses often have that “gap.” You know what I’m talking about. Those buttons that are stretching because of your endowment.

Instead, I make simple t-shirts (like the kind you find at Target at 2 for $15 not band t-shirts) more dressy with sweaters and pretty scarves or jewelry.

3. I wear skirts that I am comfortable in.

A short skirt just isn’t comfortable to move in. I don’t like the thought that at any moment something might be… showing.

You can’t cross your legs, you can’t go upstairs in front of someone else.

I like to look good but still be comfortable.

I work in an office with mostly guys. But it’s not just the guys. It’s that I don’t want to distract myself from work to pull at my skirt.

4. I wear pants that cover… my backside.

I can’t imagine wearing low cut pants. Just try to sit down and having to pull your shirt down to cover… anything showing.

No thanks. I’ll pass that experience.

Plus, I get really cold if that part of my body is exposed.

Along with this… I wear underwear that’s appropriate for what I’m wearing. A pencil skirt might need boy shorts while a looser skirt made with more fabric, it might not matter what kind you wear.

Just because I’m modest doesn’t mean I wear white cotton undies all the time… there are plenty of options in this area that are cute and comfortable.

Wear what makes you comfortable.

5. I wear minimal jewelry and neutral tone make up.

Jewelry is great, but it can be distracting. When I’m talking, I want someone to hear what I’m saying, not look at all my beaded jewelry.

And the make up, I just like to look natural. It goes with everything, it’s a simple process to put it all on.

I like to keep in simple.

In the end, just know that it’s not about hiding anything. It’s about protecting yourself.

And it’s about being comfortable in your skin and where you work and live.

I’m modest even when I’m home alone. It’s just more comfortable to sit on the couch and not have a skirt ride up or pants ride down.

I hope that gives you some ideas.

If you haven’t already, head over to the Feminine Genius to read about the year in skirts. So brilliant.

God bless.



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