The day off solution

A day off is like a miniature yet full-blown retreat.

You can wake up late and look at the whole day stretching out before you like the first day of summer vacation.

A day off is a recharge – a reinvestment in our own selves.

It’s a day ot make flexible, breakable plans.

It’s not a day to do errands.

Sometime between 18 and 22 years old, my weekends started getting full. Not full of fun adult things.

Full of necessary adult things. Grocery shopping, pharmacy stops, post office drops.


I had last Friday off from work.

I used some of my vacation and just decided that I wanted to not be at work.


It was a full, 100 percent day off. I had an appointment that was 45 minutes away. But that was it.


I scheduled lunch with my friend who I rarely get to see.

It was fantastic.


Here’s how the day went:


I woke up about an hour later than normal.

I went for a really long run. Fabulous.

When I got home, I took my time getting ready.

I eat a breakfast, slow.

I leave to meet my friend for lunch.

I have time to stop and buy some flowers and some crepes.

I had fun seeing my friend’s new apartment, eating lunch.

Good talking.


Then I went to my appointment.

It lasted only about 15 minutes. Nice.

I went to stores I don’t get to go to normally because I was of course 45 minutes away from where I live.

I took my time shopping… I even tried clothes on! (I don’t normally do that. I return if it doesn’t fit.)

Then I got some iced coffee and I took my time driving home.


Then I took my time picking up the apartment and making dinner.


It was just one of those days that sets the world right.


Weekends aren’t like that any more, you know?

They’re about catching up, not doing things we want to do.

And I’m not suggesting that I’m going to take every Friday off (I only have 1 week of vacation!), but it’s something that I want to focus on when I have a short day or on Sunday afternoons.


I want to spend more time… taking time to do things I love.

This is a new philosophy for me.

I didn’t make any lists – physical lists at least – for my Friday off.

I just kind of winged it. (Wung it? Not a word apparently.)

It was, like I said, fantastic.


I spend a lot of time doing things.

And I do things I love.

But I don’t spend time, take time, make time, doing things I love.


So often I’m too busy all day that I don’t want to take the energy to do something I love.

One would think TV is my favorite.

Not even close.

I lived without a TV or Internet for four years. It was … fantastic.

But now, I have this TV, this Internet, Satellite, DVR. You know.

I need to make sure my priorities, which can change whenever I want, match with how I spend my time.


Don’t get me wrong. Grocery shopping and menu planning is great.

And I love to do it, but sometimes it slips into redundancy.

Anyway, it shouldn’t make me too tired to do something fun, that I love, afterwards.


God bless.


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