Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. actually random)

quick takes

— 1 —

Let’s get slightly (highly) personal.
I gained 3/4 of an inch on my waist in August, raising my body fat percentage by 1 percent.
This isn’t that big of a deal. I guess.
But I was really focusing at the beginning of the month (August).
And it tapered off. So I’m trying something new in September. I’ll let you know how it goes.
I ran 3.6 miles this morning… that’s crazy for me.
I hated running 2 miles while I was still in the Army.
I ran the 3.6 at an average pace of 12:35/mile. Wow. My fastest ever mile was while in the Army, and it was just over 9 minutes.
So the 12:35 isn’t awesome, but it’s great for me. And it’s great that I didn’t walk. I wanted to. I stopped to check my Run Keeper, but I didn’t keep walking. I just ran. (OK, I jogged.)
It was good. I’m going to have to start getting up a little bit earlier if I want to get that long of a run (or more) done before work.

— 2 —

I started writing a few nights ago… something new.
I recently got to interview Joe Martin, the cartoonist. He said he writes about what he knows, and he writes every day. All of that advice I’ve heard before, bu t this time, it hit me differently.
I decided I’m going to pick up some real notebooks, like the kind I used in elementary school (except… college ruled). I’m going to write by hand. Every day.
My goal is 20 minutes. I think having a notebook, instead of waiting until I can get on a computer, will allow me to write more and more often.
I don’t like writing with a laptop on my lap. It’s OK if I have somewhere to set it… which is still an issue since I have no chairs at the new apartment.
Joe Martin said he fills three or four notebooks… A WEEK.
With jokes!
Goodness. I’m not making any kind of goal for filling notebooks. Just the daily goal of writing 20 minutes. I can do that.
If I can run 3.6 miles, I can write for 20 minutes.
— 3 —
I have every intention of going to another Parish for Mass this Sunday.
There’s a St. Peter nearby that I haven’t been to yet. It might be nice.
It was one of my original Year of Faith goals to go to 12 different parishes over the year. So far… so… OK.
I think I missed a month or two. This reminds me that I should plan a Year of Faith update blog post.
How are your goals going? Still reading the Catechism? Falling behind?
I’m still behind but less so since I concentrated on it this past weekend and I plan to do the same concentrating again this weekend.
I don’t have to work (at all!) and the apartment is still clean from last weekend.
I’m going to be reading and going to St. Peter’s and drinking coffee and being happy!
I love it when my weekend plan is that simple.
Maybe I’ll fit in a picnic or grilling out, too. 
— 4 —
Working in a resort town is kind of strange.
I don’t work at a resort business, but I still feel the changes as the seasons change.
I’m not going to talk about parking. That’s obvious.
The city just kind of empties out after Labor Day, though.
It’s easier to drive down Main Street because there are so few pedestrians. It’s faster going through a drive-thru lane.
But it also gets… lonely.
There’s something missing about the city with so few people.
A lot of the small businesses are closed more often, too.
It’s not as easy to get to the boutique shops, but I don’t shop at those stores that often.
They open up for more hours around Christmas shopping season.
— 5 —
I think we had a frost a few nights ago. I can’t really be sure.
I haven’t been to my garden since then either… but I’m actually done with the overflow of tomatoes.
I just don’t have the equipment to can tomatoes, and I don’t know what else to do with them. I’ve already given some away.
I made salsa and pico. I’m at a loss.
— 6 —
I’m working on building a perfect planner for myself.
the ones I see at the store just aren’t… right for me. I need space and columns and checkboxes and lists and that sort of thing.
I know there are so many beautiful templates and things online. I’ve looked at those and am adapting to make my own.
I might share… if I come up with something that works.
— 7 —
I created a team for an upcoming Alzheimer’s fundraiser walk. I already received $50… annoymously.
That made my day already! To help out, find a nearby walk at

Have a great weekend!
God bless.

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