Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. enough said)

quick takes

— 1 — 

Robert’s Rules of Order. Enough said? Apparently not.
I was at a school board meeting on Monday. It seems like a long time ago already… it’s been a long week for me.
The board members came in 15 minutes later. “Sorry, we had two other meetings.”
It was clearly one of those moments where “our time is more important than your time” situations happened.

— 2 —

I got my first negative comment on the blog for last week’s QT.
At first… I was going to act “very grown up” and delete it. Then I realized how anti-everything I believe in that would be.
So I approved the comment.
Then I was thinking about how I would respond… maybe correct the use of the term “slander”… maybe explain what I meant, it was just a misunderstanding.
Meh. I decided to not respond directly to the comment and just share here how it made me feel.
I’ve received a ton (read: a few) great comments about things I post. They make me feel… OK. Then I get this one negative comment and it makes me feel terrible.
I decided to quit feeling terrible and let it go.
Someone who calls herself “NOT Christian” read one of my posts. Cool. That’s how I’ll take it.
— 3 —
Yesterday, I was out in my garden. Got six or seven more tomatoes (I think I have 12 on my counter now).
I already made some pico and will be making more.
The green peppers are looking great. I’m leaving this batch on a little longer for sweeter peppers.
The dill and wild flowers look great. The basil, cilantro, mint and catnip look great.
The cucumber… eh. It’s slowly dying, yet trying to hold on so hard. It makes me sad. The cucumber was the most exciting part of the garden for me when I planted it. Oh well, live and learn. Next year, I’ll plan the shade better.
— 4 —
This weekend I have big plans for cleaning my apartment, updating my portfolio, calling some Catholic soon-to-be friends and eating delicious food.
It’s supposed to stay sunny and beautiful, and I want to catch a re-do of some summer tan to keep color over the next month.
I have books to read (catch up on the Catechism in the Year of Faith) and posts to write and schedule.
I am very optimistic about getting all this done. I only have one thing to do that is work-related on Saturday, but I have Monday off (Labor Day!) so that will make up for it.
— 5 —
Yesterday, I met two awesome women. They’re twins and police officers. It’s so cool.
They went to the academy together and are now working in nearby departments. The story will be in next week’s paper.
— 6 —
I have been on a rampage making iced coffees and frappes. I couldn’t really get the recipe right until this past weekend. Now I’m making them faster than I can drink them. Almost.
Caramel is my favorite, but I go for a mocha once in a while and a French vanilla sometimes.
Just look up the recipes online. Find one that works for you. And don’t be afraid to crush the ice too much. That was my big concern when I first tried to make them. Then I just had… iced coffee. Not a frappe. You know.
— 7 —
(I have tried 800 times to make this 7 red… won’t happen.)
I started watching Life of Pi last night and will finish tonight or this weekend. It looks so great. I should really read the book I guess.
I’ll add that after the Year of Faith is over and I’m done with the Catechism. Look for a post about how to catch up with the Year of Faith readings sometime in September.

Have a great weekend!
God bless.

Read posts from people more adult than I am at moderating comments at Conversion Diary!


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