Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. anniversaries)

— 1 —

Tomorrow, June 8, is the anniversary of my first time visiting the city I work in now.
It was my first interview at the paper.
I was so nervous. Terrified, really. Of saying something stupid, of ruining my chances.
At that time, I had had two interviews with a free paper closer to where I was living. I had said the complete wrong thing in one of the interviews.
I was doing to make sure I didn’t do the same thing here.
I was an absolute wreck, though.

But then I got through the interview, and my boss gave me a tour and introduced me to everyone and told me that it “went really well.”
Well, if he thought so, then so did I.

— 2 —

I like to celebrate anniversaries like that because it shows such a change in my life. A year ago, I was working two part time jobs and applying for call center jobs with no benefits.
Now, I love my job, I love where I work, I love my coworkers.
I haven’t shopped at a Sears since, though I have at Goodwill. (I worked at both last summer.)
Without remembering that it was a year ago, I wouldn’t think about all the good changes that have happened in my life.

— 3 —

I didn’t start work here at the paper until July, and I plan to celebrate that day, too.
Not as some sort of gloat, but that I did what I thought I couldn’t do.

I write for a newspaper.
This is what I set out to do when I went to college, and now I’m doing it.
Not many people can say that and be happy about it.
I can say both.

— 4 —

I recently reconnected with an old friend on his birthday.
I hadn’t spoken to him since 2011, but I just felt the urge to email him on that day.
It’s funny the days that we remember.

His birthday, meeting my boyfriend, signing my release papers from the Army.

Those are all days that I remember because they’re important in my life.
I remember my boyfriend’s birthday, my mom’s, my brother’s, mine!

— 5 —

I remember when my dog died, too. Which, after a year and a half, still tears me up inside.
I’m crying and I’m not even writing about how much he meant to me when I was younger and how much him being by my side got me through bullying, being overweight, abuse, everything.

Oh, Tiger.

— 6 —

This July will be six years in the Army for me.
This July will be five years with my boyfriend.
This July will be one year at the paper.

— 7 —

As I think about my relationship with my boyfriend, about it possibly ending at five years, I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t had him through everything the last five years.

I know it wouldn’t have been as good.
Having him in my life has blessed me so much. He’s the calm to my storm. The anchor to my waves.
I know that I need to move forward in the relationship, and I hope it happens soon.

Have a great weekend!
God bless.

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