Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. Memorial Day)

— 1 —

I feel least patriotic on military honor days.
I’m go grateful, so happy, so glad, so everything… but so is everyone else.

And it’s easy to wave a flag and say I support the troops when everyone is doing it.

I have to take photos of a few parades on Monday for my job. Maybe that will get me more in the spirit of things.

I did cry this morning (sobbing past other drivers), when one of my favorite radio shows dedicated a whole hour to have people call in about those veterans that have died.

I heard about a 20-year-old only child who died overseas in an IED explosion. How can that not make you bawl your eyes out for the mother?

— 2 —

When I worked at Old Navy (where I no longer shop because of their corporate stance on life and family issues), we always made a big push to sell our flag tees. You know the ones I mean, with the year and the flag and Old Navy written on it.
These things.

Anyway, I never bought one, but we got them free one year, and I wore it. Then I used it to dry my hair. And I’m pretty sure it went to Goodwill eventually.

— 3 —

Here’s some notes on the flag code if you’re wondering.
It should not be used for advertising purposes, but there isn’t anything about printing it on a tee shirt.

I used to think that was the case. However, the juxtaposition with the logo is suspicious.
But everything in Old Navy says Old Navy. You can’t get away from it.

— 4 —

I’m not super “out-there” with the companies that I boycott… and I don’t boycott all the ones that I think I should.
Life and family issues are most important to me, so I can’t handle the Gap Corporation’s philosophy (Gap owns Old Navy and Banana Republic).
For example, Nike. They don’t have the best track record on a lot of issues.
But I like their shoes, and I like their running shorts.
But I don’t buy other things from them that I could.

— 5 —

And I still wear those brands if I can find them at Goodwill (or other such second hand places). I haven’t been able to find a better fitting pair of jeans that Gap jeans.

I just find them at Goodwill now instead of at the mall.

— 6 —

I worked at Goodwill after I was laid off… for about three weeks.
I just realized how drastically the prices are cut. And Goodwill makes enough money to pay people $8 an hour! 75 cents more than minimum wage at least then.
Of course, they get stuff for free, so that’s easier that at a regular store.

But after working there I couldn’t handle paying such high prices for clothes.
Now I pretty much exclusively shop the clearance ranks when I go to a regular store (Target, Kohl’s), and I haven’t bought a first-hand pair of jeans in years. Honestly.

— 7 —

I have every intention of searching thrift stores when I get engaged for a wedding gown.
It’ll be much cheaper to have something tailored to fit me than buying off the rack.

I don’t know how this post derailed, but I like the way it turned out.

God bless.

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