What I’m reading

An epic list of things that have caught my eye in the past month or so…


The Hunger Games: The Atheist’s Utopia Revealed

Contraception: A Cruel Master

Declaration on Procured Abortion

Clarification on Procured Abortion

Checkmate on Choice

Church and state

When the State Becomes God

The Government is not Our Father


“Girls”: The Obama Generation

Grief, Loss, and Pregnancy

A Broken, Beautiful Woman

Papa Benedict XVI & Conclave

My Favorite Benedict XVI Quotation

10 Books by Pope Benedict You Should Know About

3 Things I’ve Learned from Pope Benedict XVI


How newspapers can still grow in hard times

This list isn’t all inclusive. I try to keep track (nearly everything is in Evernote) but sometimes I just get too much in my Google Reader and end up clicking… “mark all as read.”

I did finally clear out my email inbox today, which means I’m all caught up with reading the Catechism readings that Flock Note sends every day. I love that.

I’m also reading The Master and Margarita, and I am heading to my RSS feed right after I post this.

God bless.


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