Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 6)

— 1 —

The steeple chase on Saturday went so well!
I gave away my Blessed John Paul II Rosary (that I loved!) to a 19-year-old girl that I talked to the whole day. Before I left, I switched the Rosary I was carrying in my jacket for that one. I had this feeling that I would want the JP2 one for some reason. I didn’t feel sad about giving it away at all. She wanted to learn to pray the Rosary, and I hope that helps her. She was a blessing to talk to.

— 2 —

I posted some photos yesterday of the Steeple Chase. Check those out.
I’m going to be creating my own steeple chase soon, that I’ll post here with a list of churches in Milwaukee and routes. I think it’ll be something I do on my own. And get some real prayer in.

— 3 —

Looking over 1 and 2, I realize that these quick takes are focused on me. A lot. That’s not the greatest thing.
I want to work on that… so…

— 4 —

I’m keeping an updated prayer list on my Evernote account and will add them here.
Travis, Jenny from the steeple chase and my coworker’s fiancĂ©. Pray for them.

— 5 —

Does anyone link up their menus? I’ve seen a few blogs that do it… I’m thinking about it. Then I can share the blogs that I steal use recipes from. Maybe I can add more food photography, too.

— 6 —

I’m falling behind on my Lenten Observations.
It’s hard. (complaint)
I’ve been sick and not wanting to do anything really… even I don’t believe my “excuses.”
I’m going to catch up this weekend… well, no. I don’t need to catch up. I just need to get on track again. It’s not about some huge penance I need to make because I missed several days of Rosary. I should be going toward it with an open heart, out of love not obligation. That’s the attitude I want.

— 7 —

I only have to work until 12 today! Then, drive for 3 hours and work some more. Ho hum.

God bless.

For more (and better!) Quick Takes, find everyone else at Conversion Diary!


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