Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 1)

1. Investigation pays off. Well researched work beats opinion every time. I learned this once again on an an article for this week’s issue of the paper. Having the facts helps build better arguments. It helps you win.


2. But some times you just have to let your love and passion for a topic light you up. In my faith, it’s easy to say I don’t know about something, to not defend the cf other. We can’t do that. Yes, educate yourself, but always defend the faith.

3. I subscribed to Lighthouse Catholic Media. I should be getting that first CD soon. I’m excited.
4. I did the dishes two days in a row this week. And day three will be today. I’m catching on to this housekeeping deal. Instead of just cleaning on the weekends, I should keep it clean and maintained.
5. I’ll be hemming a bunch of pants this weekend. At first, I was thinking I was going to only be wearing flats. I love flats, I love how tall I am, and I don’t like heels too much. BUT I’m reading Kate White’s “I shouldn’t be telling you this.”
6. I’ll also be getting new tires on my car. Finally. And an oil change. That’s another thing I’m not good at keeping up to date.
7. Only a few more days of Paleo, and I can start having sweets and coffee again. I can not wait for next Friday morning!
God bless.
I’ll be trying to get these up on Fridays from now on. And eventually, I’ll hook up with the entire gang that does the quick takes.

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