A Mass without a Priest

I almost started this post with a cliche.

How horrible.
Maybe it’s even more cliche to say I was going to use a cliche. Perhaps.
Last week Wednesday, went I went to daily Mass again, the priest didn’t show up.
Ironic? I don’t know if that’s the right word.
I wanted so badly to go back to Mass. I wanted all those things I wrote about in my list of reasons to go to daily Mass.
At first, I was angry.
How can he not show up? It’s his job. He lives right next door. All the school kids are waiting on him.
Then I realized that it too could be a lesson for me.
A lesson in patience and appreciation. A time for reflection and quiet.
I was still with Christ. He was there, just inside the tabernacle. Just  behind the altar.
It’s good to have that time to just be with Christ. Just to sit and not think (this is hard!).
I try to go to adoration once a month (I’m running out of time in January for this).
But during adoration, there are prayers and requests and tears sometimes.
There’s the Divine Mercy Chaplet and petitions.
Those are all good things.
But sometimes, it’s important to just be with the Lord.
Really just sit and be.
Not to relax. Oh, no. You’re in the presence of the King!
But now that you’re safe. You’re in his arms.
To realize that he’s with us no matter what.
He’s not the one that turns away.
We are.
He’s not the one who lies, cheats and disobeys.
We are.
Living in Christ means a freedom to love without being hurt, trust without falling and living without fear.
Christ is that freedom.
It took me a Mass without a priest to realize this, and I’ll thank him for it someday.
God Bless.

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