Daily Mass

I haven’t been to a daily Mass in more than two weeks.

I don’t exactly remember the last time I went. It was right after the Confession that I wasn’t absolved…


I will be at tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Mass, but so will a lot of other people that don’t go to daily Mass.

I’m going to jump right back in and go on Friday morning.

I miss it terribly. It’s worse than missing a workout or dinner (haha).

If you haven’t been to a daily Mass in a while, I highly suggest it. It’s so beautiful and peaceful.


On Writing

(That’s something else you should read if you dabble in writing. By Stephen King.)

I have been writing! Finally, finally.

I just opened a Word document and started typing yesterday (maybe the day before). And I like it, and I’m not being too hard on myself with editing. I’m just creating right now.

It feels sooooooo so good. So good to be writing.

Yes, I write (nearly) every day for my job. And I like that kind of writing, too. But there is something different about the kind of writing that you create yourself. I’m not reiterating facts or quotes. I’m MAKING THEM UP AS I GO ALONG.

In no other place but fictional writing is that OK. Well, life, I guess. 😉

I am going to have something COMPLETE by the time that contest rolls around. I’ll have it finished, and edited and printed nicely and ready to go.

And if I don’t win, OK. But I put my foot out there with a fictional challenge, and I’ll be proud of that.

I haven’t submitted any fictional writing since I was applying for college scholarships.

Which, OK, wasn’t that long ago, but still a completely different time in my life.

Anyway, I’m off to make peanut butter cookies with dark chocolate chips (oh, yes).

Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless.


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