Mistakes (and those who make them)

Which is all of us, of course.

Because we’re human. Though we strive to be Christ-like every day, all day, it doesn’t always happen.

In this, it really is the trying that counts. The honest effort we put forth, makes it valuable. Especially if we learn from our mistakes.

As I’ve written about before, I am a reporter. I write for a medium-sized (circulation) weekly.

This week, we put out an early issue because of Thanksgiving… and I’m reading the printed copy now… and there are mistakes. It’s full of mistakes. It’s pretty bad some of these mistakes we made.

Let me show you.

Those question marks are filler text… who ever “sends” the page (the final reviewer) to the print house is supposed to fill it in. That didn’t happen last night.

That should be “budget (and) levy hold.” We use commas to mean AND. That’s OK in the headline, but the subject-verb disagreement is not OK.

(Just to be clear, subject-verb agreement is important everywhere.)

Anyway, as I read the entire paper (not just my stories!), I’m sure I’ll find more. It’s rough.

But I kind of become complacent with it, too. I mean, we publish every week. And we have four sections that the editorial team works on. It’s easy for us to overlook things when we’re in a hurry, tired or hungry.

It happens. We live with it. We beat ourselves up over it, and then we get over it.

Year of Faith goals

How are you going so far?

My goals (copied and pasted for you):

  • Attend adoration (1 hour)/attend benediction once a month
  • Attend Mass at a new Parish/Church once a month (somewhere I haven’t been yet)
  • Read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Read six (more if I can) books on Church History, including saints, popes, council documents, papal documents, etc. These should be published with at least an imprimatur. I’m really interested in more on the Crusades.

I spent an hour in adoration in October. Will probably go next week for November (see how I push it back? haha). It’s important to make my goals a priority, but “every day life” gets in the way sometimes.

In October, I went to St. Andrew’s. The past two weeks I was at St. Paul’s. There we go. So far so good with that. 🙂

I’m keeping up with the Catechism daily readings (you can still sign up). It’s day 41 in the Year of Faith. Wow. It doesn’t seem like that long at long.

Imagine all the things we’ll learn and experience the rest of the year?

I’m still working through Scott Hahn‘s “A Father who keeps His Promises.”

Also, Chesterton’s Orthodoxy is on my night stand. I plan to spend Thanksgiving reading (seriously).

Then up next is TOB for Beginners. I’m excited for that, so excited that I want to only be reading one thing while I read it. That will be a challenge itself (such a bibliophile).

Anyway, God bless ya’ll, and Happy Thanksgiving! See you in Mass! 🙂

(I traditionally go to Mass on Thanksgiving… why not? Another chance to be close to Christ in the Eucharist, yes, please!)


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