What I’m reading

One thing I can’t quit doing

lately is reading. Seriously. I have a book in my hands nearly at all times. I wish I could stir bisque and read a book at the same time.

Here’s what I’m reading right now:

G.K. Chesteron – Orthodoxy

Scott Hahn – A Father who keeps His Promises

Christopher West – Theology of the Body for Beginners


Oh, and it wasn’t around for the photo but I’m also reading Philip Jenkins – The New Anti-Catholicism.

I haven’t started the TOB one yet. But I am reading the other three concurrently.

I did have notes about the Hahn book, but I don’t have them with me. But one thing I do remember is the connection between Noah’s sons offspring and the wars between Israel and other nations. Those other nations are descendents of Ham!

I don’t know why I had never connected that before. It’s startling to me, after studying Religion in school, that I didn’t know that. I should have taken a more in-depth “history of Israel” class or something. I did take an Old Testament class, but it was one semester and covered the whole thing.

So, Jews are decedents of Shem. Thus, Semite. Wow. My ignorance of this is overwhelming me.

Thank you Scott Hahn for your books. I’ve read others by him (The Lamb’s Supper, mainly) and love the way he writes.

So those books are counting toward my Year of Faith Goals.


40 Days for Life

Ended on Nov. 4. I made it without buying… coffee. I did buy hot chocolate twice. Once was on the 4th. Does that count?

The fact was, the point is, I thought about it constantly. This was a good thing for me to give up. I thought about the effects of abortion, the children killed, a lot.

You can read more about the program here, and see some of the effects here.


More photos

Don’t ask how I managed to create that. Haha.

This is what I was going for.

My coworker suggests a tripod. I agree.

With this, I thought I had a good shot looking at the LCD screen. Nope. At least you can visualize what’s going on here.

Sammy’s across the park square.

And this. Too shaky. Not enough light. It happens.


Did you create any Year of Faith Goals? How’s it  going?


God bless.



  1. SR

    A Father Who Keeps His Promises. The best book I have ever read. I still re-read it at times. Great post and God Bless, SR

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