Dear America

Today, I woke up not knowing.

Not knowing who won and wondering if I really cared.

I mean, I care. I love this country, and I want it to go down the right path. I want it to be a country like the Founders imagined and envisioned. I want it to believe “in God we trust.”

But does it matter who the president is?

Sure, he signs the bills. He’s supposed to enforce the laws.

But… is he really the heart of what America is?

Will I stop giving to charities I believe in? Nope.

Will I stop praying? Nope.

Stop loving this country? Of course not.

Are we going to start being rude to each other because our candidate wasn’t elected?

What would that help?

The point here is, we can get past this. We can get over this election, and we can get over anything he puts this country through. Because we are America. We’re stronger than that. We are more than just the sum of our parts.

We’re something entirely different than anywhere else.

God Bless America.


Away for a while.

Sorry about that. It’s hard for me to focus on writing this blog and trying to do everything else.

Because, actually, I’m trying to write a short story for a competition due in January. And it is NaNoWriMo.

And so while I’m “trying” to write that (it’s not going to well), and do work writing and clean my apartment… this blog has just kind of become one of those blogs that gets created and then forgotten. Only, I didn’t really forget. I just… didn’t want to write.

I’m working on a book post. Because I’ve been reading a ton lately. A lot of religious stuff.

And I’m working on my Year of Faith goals, too. All of that and more is coming up!

Plus, I’m going to start updating my other pages on this blog! Wow!

Sorry. Sarcasm.


God Bless.


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