CCC 98

Also known as..

the most enlightening, easiest to read sentence that explains nearly everything:

The Church, in her doctrine, life and worship, perpetuates and transmits to every generation all that she herself is, all that she believes” (DV 8 § 1).

If you’re reading along with the Catechism during this Year of Faith, you got this in your inbox today.


Wait, what?

I’m no theologian, but I take that to mean good things.

The Church, in all her glory and her failings, is FULL. Complete. Finished.

It’s just the people that have to figure themselves out.

I’m again so grateful that I’m reading the Catechism this year. That was a great thing to read as I start my day at work.



This is something that is really hard for me to write about… which is why I haven’t posted anything in a few days (longer than usual if you’re paying attention).

I went to Confession Saturday.

And my sins were not absolved.

I’m not going to talk about why, I’m not going to confess to everyone (the Internet) what I confessed to the Priest (in persona Christi), but I am going to tell you how it feels.

I can see how easy it would be for me to blame God. To call out, “Why, Lord, why did you not tell me?”

Instead, my honest, real reaction was, “Lord, why wasn’t I listening to you?”

I continue to ask until the situation is resolved (meaning, until I get the courage to put Christ before this world) that the Lord does not let me draw away from him, though I cannot receive Communion. I understand that it’s up to me to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Christ is always there for me (us). He’s always there. Steady. Rock solid.

It’s us that waver, that fall, that slip, that look back.


Lord, I pray that I find the strength in your love to get past this. I pray that readers of this blog have that same strength in their own lives.


God bless.


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