The Maniac

Orthodoxy chapter 2

“But a moment’s thought will show that if disease is beautiful, it is generally someone else’s disease.”

“It is the happy man who does useless things; the sick man is not strong enough to be idle.”

“The cross opens its arms to the four winds; it is a signpost for free travelers.”

It is amusing to nottice that many of the moderns, whether sceptics or mystics, have taken as their sign a certain eastern symbol of this ultimate nullity. When they wish to represent eternity, they represent it by a serpent with his tail in this mouth.”

Chesterton… at least my experience with him… and his writing… it’s one of those books that you have to slow down and read. And re-read a line a couple times. ust to make sure you’re fully grasping everything he’s trying to say. There’s just so much… so much good stuff, symbolism, education, awareness. And such great ways to explain our faith.

I feel like I could win some arguments if I study Chesterton enough.


I tried to take a picture. This was on the shutter speed setting/program… where the shutter speed I controlled and the aperture was auto controlled.

Let’s just say that shot… as white and pretty as it is… didn’t turn out.

This goal is a work in progress. For sure.

This one… better. You can at least see what’s going on there.

Which, are some flowers. And an electric guitar behind. I feel this picture could be very telling about my life if one really wanted to really think about it.

And this.

I’m just going to quit trying to explain what I was thinking when I took these.

The sky is bleached out… the colors are washed out…

But I’m trying.. ach. This week kind of got out of control (like every week), seriously.

So for next week! I’m going to keep my camera with me. It’ll give me more opportunity to experiment.

Which is better? The all white photo or the all black photo? I guess it’s not all black…

Black means not enough light. White means too much.

At least I know that. That’s something.

God bless.



  1. happyflowerwordzoo002

    Love this line
    “It is the happy man who does useless things; the sick man is not strong enough to be idle.”

    Thank-you for comment re. Chesterton. I started but found it quite difficult. Reading your post I think I will have another go.

    • learningmass

      I just started reading it outloud to myself. It sounds silly, but it helps me read slower. Then I re-read something if I need to, a sentence or phrase. Just take it slow and don’t stress over it. It’s ok to not read the whole thing at once. I’m usually in the middle of 10 books at the same time anyway.

      I love that line, too. I try to fill my time with useful things, but still, I am idle.

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