The Year of Faith

It begins…


I read the Porta Fidei over this past weekend and have some ideas.

I want this year to be about the Catechism, Mass, Adoration and Church History.

Here are my goals:

Attend adoration (1 hour)/attend benediction once a month

Attend Mass at a new Parish/Church once a month (somewhere I haven’t been yet)

Read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church

Read six (more if I can) books on Church History, including saints, popes, council documents, papal documents, etc. These should be published with at least an imprimatur. I’m really interested in more on the Crusades.


That’s not too much to handle at all.

I had reflection about the Porta Fidei, but I’m feeling that it’s more a personal reaction than anything I want to share. At least right now.

Maybe some of it will be shared in bits and pieces.

I hope you have some goals (write them down to be accountable to yourself) for this year. It’s really a great reasons (excuse) to get to know the faith better. What better time to do it?


God Bless.



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