Countless blessings

Why is it

That one bad thing can completely turn a day around, yet we don’t remember all the good things that are a near constant in life?

Sometimes we get so caught up in… life, we forget all the things that are right.

So, I’m creating this list, mostly to remind myself of all the  blessings in my life. Maybe it will help you find blessings as well.

Every day…

I have a roof over my head. I have food in my fridge. I have shoes on my feet. I have clothes, maybe too many clothes…

It’s so easy to take these things for granted because everyone around us (mostly) has the same things. But it’s not the average in the world.

I love my job.

I have a great family. I love where I live: city, state and country.

I am a member of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.

It’s fall. I’m alive. I get to practice my religion

My list could go on. There are so many things, so many places, so many people and influences that I wouldn’t want as a part of my life. And because I’m an adult, I get to choose. I’m so thankful for that.

What a blessing to be able to choose. What a blessing to have free will.

Yes, it’s hard sometimes, but without it, we wouldn’t have the chance for this real joy that we experience.

God Bless.


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