Slavery and Ransom

Feast of Our Lady of Ranson

This is another reason I LOVE the Catholic Church. Feast Days galore!

And each feast day is an example for us.

Read about Our Lady of Ransom at Catholic Culture.

I didn’t know about Our Lady of Ranson… but it just happens that my priest is from Barcelona! So he told us the story. How absolutely inspiring.

If the priests in the new order couldn’t buy a slave’s freedom from an owner, they vowed to offer themselves as a slave in order to free the imprisoned.

Could you do that? Give up your freedom, your life, for another? These priests did (and still do!), and Jesus died on the cross for us.

Like I noted yesterday, if we can’t give our lives, can we give an hour a week in service to others? To help those causes in desperate need?

If we can’t offer service, can we offer prayer? Can we fast?

I fasted a few weeks ago from food for 24 hours. Skipping breakfast is the hard part for me.. then around 11 or 11:30, when I usually get hungry for lunch, I don’t get hungry. It’s like my body knows to not get hungry.

Then when I do feel “pangs,” I cross myself and offer my hunger up to God.

40 Days for Life

…starts on Wednesday.

I am so pro-life, sometimes it’s scary. Not scary, intense.

I’ll write about those experiences as well. I hope to (finally) join my county pro-life group and will be participating in vigils if they’re held. Or perhaps hold some of my own, if I get the courage and make it a priority.

There are so many groups across the U.S. and the world that support pro-life causes and missions. I suggest you find one and try to do something over the 40 days to mark that observance.

I will probably find something to “fast” from during the 40 days. Like a Lenten observance, perhaps.

It’s also good to add an additional prayer, even if it’s just “please help those mothers who feel they have no choice.”

God Bless.



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