Feast of St. Matthew

This morning

I had a great interaction in Mass.

Well, first, let me start with St. Matthew. I didn’t even know it was the feast today until my priest announced it!

I’m a slacker when it comes to liturgical celebrations (besides the big ones, of course).

Here are two great sites to check when it comes to the Church calendar: Catholic Cuisine (yum!) and Rosary Shop.

Once I realize it’s a feast day or celebration, I check Catholic Cuisine because I’ll find things like this delicious looking recipe for Irish Stew.

Anyway, I did not make pancakes for St. Matthew today.

But I did think about how Matthew answered Christ’s call.

From the USCCB’s website:

As Jesus passed by,
he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the customs post.
He said to him, “Follow me.”
And he got up and followed him.


How simple, Matthew. How easy. How straight forward.

My priest said it’s probably a simplification of the events in Matthew’s life, but think of how the Gospel writer chose to explain it.

It must have been a pretty significant event.

How great that Jesus saw him and told him to follow. Sometimes I wish that my call was that easy for me to hear/see.

I wonder, though, would I just pick my self up and follow?


Anyway, so the interaction. I should call it a conversation, I guess.

A woman in the pew in front of me asked for my name during the Sign of Peace. I told her. She repeated it, incorrectly, but I didn’t correct her. She asked if I was in school. No, I’m a reporter. (But thanks for thinking I look really young.) Oh, she said.

Then, after Mass she asked how long I had been in the area. A few months. Well, that’s just wonderful, she said.

It completely made my day. Completely. Well, Jesus did with his presence in the Eucharist. But this woman, I never asked her name, she made my day as well.

I hope that my presence, as a “young person” in a daily Mass celebration, shows her that the Church is in no way passing our of relevance. It is in no way falling apart because of the youth.

We love Mass and the Church, too!

God Bless.


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